Large Show 


Portable Ramp System with many different obstacles

Easy setup and tear down


-Liability insurance 

-Portable Ramp System

-Professional PA system

-up to 3 shows per day 

S-hows run about 20 minutes per show

-1 Rider and 1 Announcer 



-Access to an electrical outlet

-Barrier around performance area

Regardless of weather we will do our best to put on the greatest show possible.


Full Portable Ramp System: 20 ft long x 10 ft wide x 9 ft tall

Performance Space Needed: 50 ft x 80 ft+ 

(Flat surface, concrete, grass, dirt anything works)


Bring the craziest tricks feet away from your audience. The wall flip is only done by 15 people in the world, this will elevate the smallest events at exceptional prices.

Performance size 

Minimum performance size: 15FT BY 30FT

Features Wall Flip, wheelies, Nose wheelies, and much more!

We excel in innovation and creation, let us know what you have to work with and we will supply you with a custom entertainment plan!

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